We repair broken logic boards and graphics cards

Your logic board or graphic card has a problem? We repair all types of breakdowns when these components are damaged (shocks, oxidations, misuse...).

We permanently maintain the high quality of our repairs thanks to our research and development team!

  • Graphics card problem
  • I/O, USB, HDMI connector problem
  • Charging problem
  • Backlight HS
  • WiFi not working
  • Oxidation, Liquid damage
  • Doesn't turn on anymore
  • Power surges
  • No more Magsafe light...

Micro soldering & Apple logic board repair

Logic boards are circuit boards that allow all components to communicate with each other. If one component fails, the entire logic board usually fails. Each component has a unique function to perform. With the naked eye, you can't see much. A microscope is needed to see the components in order to diagnose failures. Replacing defective components is not as easy as it sounds, because you first need to know which IC or filter is defective. To find the defective part, the logic board schematics from the manufacturer's specifications are used. Once the defective chip has been identified, the next step is to remove the defective chip and solder the new chip in its place. Only a qualified micro-soldering specialist should do this work. At Place du Mac, we repair all Apple logic boards.

At Place du Mac, we repair all Apple logic boards.

Macbook logic board repair

Macbook Air logic board repair

Macbook Pro logic board repair

iMac logic board repair

Mac Mini logic board repair

Mac Pro logic board repair

If you are a professional repairer and you want
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